Wireless Network Services, Inc.


Licensing Services


Wireless Network Services has extensive experience in the following FCC regulatory areas:

VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz

  • License applications and tracking to successful issuance of Licenses in both the Business and Public Safety frequency pools.

Transmitter Power Waivers

  • When a proposed system requires a transmitter power level in excess of the FCC permitted levels we can prepare the documents required to file a rule waiver application with the FCC.

Licensed Microwave applications

  • We have extensive experience with Microwave System licensing for networks operating in all common bands and the proper procedures necessary to obtain the necessary FCC License for your network.

Microwave System Registration

  • For point to point and point to Multipoint systems operating in the non coordinated bands, such as 3650 MHz, we can provide the required FCC license application and link registration.

Tower Registration

  • Our firm has extensive experience in the FAA/FCC tower registration and obstruction lighting process.
  • All licensing work is supervised by a NARTE Certified Engineer with extensive experience in the Business and Public Safety licensing process and has past experience as an APCO Local Assistant Frequency Coordinator and chairperson of a state 800 MHz. planning committee.
  • When FCC Tower Registration is required we can file the proper application with the FAA and follow the process thru to FCC Tower Registration. Working with the Tower Owner we can determine the proper Obstruction Lighting to comply with FAA requirements.
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